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MORE New Shed & BBQ News July 2022

By John Pegram (Secretary) Christchurch Men's Shed

Wednesday, 10 August 2022


Christchurch Men's Shed Contributor


We reached a milestone down at the shed this week when we ran the dishwasher for the first time!

Proper clean mugs from now on!
There were nine of us on Tuesday working to get the "shed" finished (in between drinking mugs of tea and marvelling at the dishwasher)
The electrics are done complete with wall sockets and emergency stops plus we are now able to meter our power usage separate from the main School building.
Just a bit of touching up to do where the old wiring was removed.
Rob Heels fitted a new switch on the #2 w/working lathe and the outside courtyard is getting a coat of paint while the weather holds fine.
There are a few things to finish in the kitchen, an external power socket to be fitted and then we should be about ready to start assembling our new benches and working out the layout.
For everyone storing shed stuff in their home workshops, it won't be long now........!

Shed BBQ Sunday 21st August

27 tickets spoken for so far!
And just when you thought it was safe to open your wallets again, here we are asking for contributions for the BBQ Raffle - always a fun event and not to be missed - but this time, funds raised will go directly towards a final push to get the shed ready for an official opening.
If you have any offerings for the raffle, please drop them off at the School on Tuesday or Thursday mornings or you can bring them along on the day.
And feel free to drop in and see how the shed is progressing!
John Pegram
Christchurch Men's Shed

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Located in the Lower Hall of The Old School. The Old School is near Highcliffe Medical Centre and opposite Highcliffe Play Park by the pedestrian light controlled crossing.