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These are some of the recent projects carried out in the Workshop at Greystones House:

The carvers and whittlers, Len and Jerry respectively, have produced a "des res" bird box and a love spoon.

John (Pegram) made a chisel rack - despite his better informed colleagues pointed out that he had the drawing upside down! 

Jeff turned a paper plant pot mould for pricking out and potting-on seedlings and is now working on a second (larger) version. 

Mac's latest project is a beautifully carved Love Spoon and is believed to be working on a carving of Mary Poppins, which should be quite something!. 

Jerry has carved amazing "Hotrod" and "Rooster" Fish. 

Bob (Mackinnon) bought in a box of medical instruments (scissors, No 3 scalpel handles, assorted tweezers etc)  They are on the bench in Greystone's workshop and free to members.

Barry made a child's rocking chair.

John P made a bench top bench to save bending over and for small, intricate work.

(Click on previews below to see full photos)