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News - April 2021

By John Pegram (Secretary) Christchurch Men's Shed

Wednesday, 5 May 2021


Christchurch Men's Shed Contributor


Just a short one this time!

Jerry Russel is offering the chance to acquire a top box in return for a £25 donation to the shed!

The box is in good condition, is lockable and comes with clamps for fixing to roof bars.
Cost new is around £125 so this is a bargain - and the shed benefits as well!
If you are interested, email me at [email protected] and I will pass your message on.

Les Mercer is in need of some help.......... (well we knew that anyway).......... with the design of his automated squirrel feeder!

In a previous newsletter CMS reported that Les Mercer is attempting to construct an automated badger feeder based on the Archimedes Screw principle to dispense peanuts. Well he has mocked up a prototype of the mechanical bits that seems to work. He bought an Arduino kit to build the clock/timer/motor control electronics but has been having problems. Some components are non-standard and so a lot of Googling and downloading of drivers and alternative wiring diagrams has been done. With minimal knowledge of electronics, he is struggling to diagnose faults when they occur.
If you have experience of building and programming Arduino electronic circuits, Les would love to hear from you. If you can help, please drop him a line at
[email protected]

[Comment from Les: Just to make it clear my machine will feed peanuts to the badgers. It will not feed squirrels to the badgers!!!]

Keith Vinycomb revealed his latest fantastic creation to come out of the home workshop

A unique rocking house with a variable ride by adjusting the handle just underneath the horse's head.
Ride options: horse mode, head and tail fall and rise again............level mode, head and tail stay virtually level (no rise or fall)
and Bronco mode, head and tail rise and fall to level again. Don't know any other rocking house that does all that ?
As usual it is all made from scrap stuff around my garage, only had to buy some hardware and paint.
The superstructure is in the traditional "Vinycomb blue".

John Pegram:Having been impressed with small Japanese pull saws, I decided to splash out on a larger version
This one is marketed under the Roamwild name and has a replaceable Japanese made blade. (I got it from Amazon but it is widely available elsewhere)
I have to say that I'm really pleased with it - sawing takes a lot less effort and because it cuts at a low angle, there is no need to "climb on top" or use a saw bench
(I'm making a bench-top bench in case you were wondering)
Nothing new to report on progress with the shed at the School House but I am hoping that Ian Hartnell (HRA) will have some news for us shortly.
In the meantime, the right to associate freely again is just round the corner and we have lots to look forward to!
John Pegram
Christchurch Men's Shed

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