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News - December 2020 (Part 2)

By John Pegram (Secretary) Christchurch Men's Shed

Tuesday, 29 December 2020


Christchurch Men's Shed Contributor


What has everyone been doing during lockdown to stay sane?
John MacBean gave me a nice piece of spalted wood from his firewood pile.
So far, I turned a pen and am planning to get a few more small things out of it
When anyone asks "what is that wood?" I can now reply without a word of a lie that it is lignum ignis
And on the same subject, we have been offered some apricot wood from a tree that was cut down recently. Now that should make a good talking point when the "what is that wood?" question comes up!
Jerry has carved another wood sprite but this one is not for the faint hearted - wokes and snowflakes should look away now!
A Tale of Two Sheds
Stuart Perry alerted us to what at first appeared to be a "rival" Chruistchurch Men's Shed but after some research, it turned out that Christchurch Community Partnership were hosting a series of chat rooms including one operating under the Men's Shed name.

CCP Office - 01202 989632

There is a lot of stuff on the CCP site which could be useful to anyone needing a bit of extra help in these difficult times or just needing to contact a particular service provider.
New Year's Resolutions
I hope everyone got the present they were hoping for from Santa.
(I did notice that his supply base appears to have relocated from the North Pole to the Amazon this year!)
My last year's resolution was to get a fire extinguisher for the workshop.
This year, all I am going to wish for is that things get back to normal and we can meet up again
See you in 2021
John Pegram
Christchurch Men's Shed
Congratulations to Barry and Sue who have just become great grandparents for the first time!

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